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Eric Roberts

Sabrina Bland

Jane Buccheri

Jane Mayrer

Elizabeth Weber

Abigail Breiseth

Camille Givens Patterson

Welcome Mr. Roberts

The Committee welcomed Principal Roberts, the new principal at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School.

Mr. Roberts is excited to be the new principal at Franklin Square—has experience as a principal in Prince George’s County, and Franklin Square was the only school in Baltimore he applied for. Is a Grand Lodge Mason and a member of the 100 Black Men and excited to partner with those organizations at Franklin Square.

New assistant principal as well (Margaret Patrick from Thomas Jefferson).

Increasing academics is Principal Robert’s main priority, as well as community engagement building on the strong parent base. Is excited that Franklin Square is a walking school with a strong community base and interested in promoting health and wellness.  Jane B mentioned the SoWeBo 5K.

Jane M said it was her understanding that there were a lot of students from out of zone. Yes—it is happening more and more often—started with families in the area and now moving citywide, which has had a negative impact on attendance

Lou asked where the school is in the community school roll out process—Franklin Square is a Wholeness Intensive Site

Center for Supportive Schools will also be partnering at the school

Will have a community school coordinator and a registered nurse but there are no details on that yet

Mr. Roberts has a need for volunteers to help clear out the school. Camille will send Mr Roberts the link to the UMB volunteer registration link

Are talking about changing out the uniform to darker colors

And need money for field trips and experiential learning


Community School Update

All of the schools in the SWP area will be community schools in the fall. The Committee reviewed possible options for the SWP to become involved in the roll out. These are:

  •       Be a lead agency for 5-7 schools in the area, with a full time program manager
  •       Be a lead agency for 1-4 schools in the area, which would not provide funding for a full time program manager

Not be a lead agency and provide a roundtable and technical assistance through a partnership with SWCOS

Jane doesn’t feel comfortable with option B

The Committee is ok with staff/Lou taking the lead on determining the best option once the RFP comes out

Review Goals

The Education Committee has been asked by the SWP Governance Committee to review and update the goals in the SWP Vision Plan to see if any need to be updated or amended.

The Committee reviewed the goals and amended 6.4 to be successful implementation and facilitating the implementation and maintenance successful community schools in the area high quality, continuous improvement

Add community schools to the still to do in the other action items

The Committee has also been asked to provide funding estimates for projects that are priorities

Add amount for programming in community schools, 10 year community school funding amount

New Business and Announcements

Next Friday July 19th there will be an employee picnic, open to the public but not being broadcast to the public at the two UMMC campuses (11-4)

River Valley Ranch is returning to Steuart Hill with climbing towers, now open to students from other schools rising 1st graders through 5th grade

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