Paulette Carroll

Laura Dykes

Elizabeth Weber

Bill Marker

Lisa Rawlings

Project Updates

Advocacy: JOTF legislative agenda:


Laura–would like to support the Paid Family Leave bill.  Ms Paulette liked the Redeem Act

Bill had questions about some of the bills


Committee encouraged to sign up for JOTF Action Alerts to know when to take action.


Committee can ask the Board to vote to be in favor of the bills. 


Lisa suggested that we write letters at the next Committee meeting. Should write letters from as many organizations/individuals as we have authority.


Committee will ask the Board to vote to support those two pieces of legislation as the Southwest Partnership. Suggestion was made to have the JOTF policy folks attend the January Board meeting to explain the bills.


40th District Legislators are holding a pre-session briefing Saturday the 8th.


Outreach: We have a brochure available in the office if folks are interested in distributing to the community. Committee discussed the challenges of outreach and opportunities for sharing information to the community. 


Goals for 2022

  1. Advocacy
  2. See listening campaign funded
  3. Outreach? 
  4. Get roundtable participants engaged in advocacy and listening campaign work



UMB CEC is going to be a host site for Humanim’s administrative assistant training–get the word out to those who may be interested. GED program with South Baltimore Learning Center will be starting soon. 


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