Abigail Bresieth

Qunicy Goldsmith

Cynthia Poindexter

Keith Patalka

Sheila Drummond Camm

Jane Mayrer

Ivan Leshinsky

Jane Buccheri

Lou Packett

Elizabeth Weber

Lou Updates

Lou, Quincy, Sheila, Elizabeth met with Mary Ellen Russell and Dr Hagan from the archdiocese about how they could connect with the community and engage with the education committee. They are going to reach out directly to the neighborhood associations and have committee members go with them.

Jane suggested they reach out to the churches.

Follow Up From Last Meeting

Fundraising: EW passed out calendar for interested attendees to say when they would be available.

Principal’s meeting: will be 2.25, focusing on mental and behavioral health resources and ways that schools and anchors can collaborate. Give anchors a heads up about the new climate culture pressure that principals are under.

STEM Programming Discussion: B&O interested in expanding their educational programming to include school age kids, interested in working with area schools to develop a curriculum. Lou and Quincy will meet with the B&O to learn what they have and are interested in.

Dream Deferred Workforce Development Discussion

Anticipating having it in late February. BioPark isn’t available until May 25th. Looking for new space—would like to do workforce component in late February or early March.  Waiting to hear a response from Sec. Shultz, who would like to be part of the panel. Other possible panelists include Caryn York. If you want to be part of the subcommittee talk to Lou. Lou is talking to James McHenry—need two spaces—auditorium and adjacent meeting space.  Elizabeth and Jane will follow up James McHenry.

Committee Elections

Jane Mayrer nominated Lou Packett, Lou accepted the nomination—wants to continue to move the process forward, but is also excited to get more people involved to take on a leadership role.

Moving forward Quincy will serve as co-chair and will be responsible for managing meetings, agendas, and organizing the work of the committee. Position will be an appointed position, will see if it makes sense to recommend as part of the on-going structure of the committee.

Ms Poindexter: what was the event Lou went to in DC? Lou went to a Leadership Foundation training in DC. The Leadership Foundation is an organization that has been connected to Bill Miliken who is a leader in the community school movement. The Leadership Foundation wants to develop a relationship in Baltimore—and there could be a connection with the community school work.

Lou was unanimously re-elected.

Next Meeting

Please come ready to talk about what you would like to see in terms of presentations and guests and the year moving forward.

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