Preservation and Promotion Committee Minutes

January 7th 2016 at 7PM

Zellas Pizza (1145 Hollins St)



Josh Harris (Chair)

Philecia Tyrell

Betsy Waters


Michael Mellet



    • Josh Harris led the meeting.


    • Josh Harris opened the meeting with a review of the last meeting and the view and mission of the committee.
    • The Committee Name Change
        • Josh Harris discuss the committee is no longer called preservation and promotion. It is now Historical Preservation effective immediately.
        • Committee Goals: The committee now is working towards the creation of wayfinding signs and identifying historical locations.


    • Josh Harris requested to go over the election guidelines. Staff Philecia Tyrell stated that according to Southwest Partnership guidelines there is an attendance regulation to the vote.
      1. Attendance regulation: According to the bylaws those eligible to vote must have attended 3 meetings.
      2. 3 attendees where eligible to vote:
        • Dan Rodenburg
        • Michael Mellet
        • Betsy Waters
      3. No candidates to run for the position. Josh Harris posed the question, those eligible to vote will they him to continue as the committee head. All three voted in favor of allow him to maintain his position as head of the committee.

Community Walk

    • Next community walk will be scheduled.

Southwest Partnership Bylaws

    • Meeting attendees requested a copy of Southwest Partnership bylaws. Contact information has been collected.


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