Housing committee

Southwest Partnership

November 12, 2020





  1. Nancy McCormick (Mount Clare)
  2. George Kleb (Bon Secours), 
  3. Heather Kangas, Chair
  4. Suzanne Welch (Enterprise Community Development),
  5. Troy Wilson (Pigtown)
  6. Brian Greenan – Housing Authority of Baltimore, 
  7. Robert Meyer (Hollins)
  8. Christian Hall (Rebuilding Together Baltimore)
  9. Jonathan Susman (Franklin Square)
  10. Kevin Gallaher, Housing Authority of Baltimore),
  11. Patricia Williams, Operation of Hope
  12. Derrick McCorvey,
  13. Laura Dykes (Hollins)
  14. Debra Young (United Workers & Housing Our Neighbors),
  15. Paulette Carrol (President of Townes at the Terrace),
  16. Nate Tarter (SCC),
  17. Cecilia Gonzalez, (Sowebo Community Church) 
  18. Steven Whalen,
  19. Auna Cooper (United Way),
  20. Christina Engerman (Realtor),
  21. Tony Scott (SWP),
  22. Loraine Arikat (SWP),
  23. Amber Jones (Enterprise Community Development), 
  24. Leila Kohler-Frueh (Habitat for Humanity Chesapeake),
  25. Diana Geis (Barre Circle)
  26. Katie Davis (Pro bono resource center of Maryland), 
  27. Julie Lin, 
  28. Sonia Eaddy (President of Poppleton Now! Association),
  29. Sharon Park
  30. David McGill, 
  31. Dotie Page,
  32. Serena Watters,
  33. Sierra Jackson,
  34. Jon Law, 
  35. Edith Gilliard (President of Franklin Square), 


Review of October minutes – motion to approve by Leila, George seconded


Guest Speaker: Katie Davis from the Pro Bono Resource Center 

  • Attorney & Director of courtroom advocacy project within the Pro Bono Resource Center
  • Rent court staffed by their attorneys so tenants will receive same day representation 
    • Tenant volunteer Lawyer program
  • Instead of in-person, they do a hotline service: 
    • Assistance for tenants & consumers: 443-703-3053
    • Legal assistance & referrals for immigrants: 443-703-3054
    • Utility Bill consultations: 443-703-3052 
    • Advance planning consultations : 443-703-3052
  • Checking to make sure your landlord is licensed is one way to make sure landlords are following laws 
    • Whether or not they repay rent if a landlord is not licensed is a case in court now and it depends on the judge for the decision on that. They are fighting towards taking rent paid during unlicensed period and be able to apply to a licensed period.  
  • Q.  Is the CDC declaration a legal defense for clients affected by COVID against eviction?
    • A. Yes
  •  Q. Who is responsible for mice remediation?  Landlord or tenant? Does it matter if it is a multi-unit?
    • A. Not completely sure but landlord is generally responsible for conditions of living situation and we could try it especially if it is unsafe” 
  • Q. Someone was leasing their apartment to them and she is not on the lease and so would have to be evicted. This woman has 4 children, pregnant, and disabled
    • A. This is tricky especially if she is not on the lease. I advise call the hotline number


Housing Chair Election 

  • Heather explains that anyone can nominate someone to the chair, you can nominate yourself. It’s important to know that the chair is also part of the board and part of those decisions. 
  • Sonia Eaddy & Paulette nominates Heather Kangas. 
  • Tony explains choice to do open or closet ballot. Ms Nancy motions for open ballot and George Kleb seconds it. Many sound agreements as well. 
  • Heather Kangas re-elected Chair of Housing Committee unanimously. 


Old Business


  • Eviction Prevention initiative:
  • Talk to neighbors and spread information about eviction prevention across neighborhoods.
  • Loraine, SWP intern, can also work with organizations and residents to coordinate a Know Your Rights Zoom session with Katie Davis Pro Bono Resource Center 
  • Email flier to committee members and SWP will try to have some printed fliers
  • Heather shares shelter resources:
  • George Kleb Presentation: Homeownership Zones
  • Accelerating Investments in Health Communities 
    • Sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson & Kresge Foundations 
    • Up to $450,000 available for pre-development activities 
    • Joint effort between Bon Secours Mercy Baltimore and Cincinnati affiliates 
  • Through SWP, we have shared priorities and shared vision. 
  • Bon Secour and SWP has applied to the Accelerator Fund so that SWP can be the receiver for the land bank. 
    • Currently we have One House At A Time is the only receiver in the city 
    • Funding goes towards legality and creation of land bank
    • Total of $202,500 (50% Robert Wood Johnson, 50% BSMH)
  • Capital Pool
    • Support home ownership project in 3 targeted SW Partnership neighborhoods: Franklin Square, Mount Clare, Washington Village/Pigtown 
    • Total of 2 million (50% Robert Wood Johnson, 50% BSMH Treasury Investment funds) 
    • Potential to bring in other partners (anchor institutions, foundations
  • Questions:
    • Q. Laura Dykes: Why just those three neighborhoods? 
      • A. These are the three that have areas that are designated home ownership zones. The idea is to concentrate on blocks that are priorities for development because they are highly blighted. Also, these blocks are adjacent to fairly stable blocks to it. 
      • A. Tony explains that this is the strategy to help the most and the most strategic in that we don’t leave an area with vacancy. Tony highlights that it has taken years and years to get to this point. Tony hopes to expand past those particular blocks identified to continue closing the gap. 
    • Diana Geis suggests sending out a map of the exact blocks that’s being discussed 
    • Christina highlights the large desire for home ownership but the lack of homes to own.  


  • Transform Poe Updates
  • Brian & Kevin work at the planning division at Housing Authority 
  • Here is the link for the Transform Poe plan to HUD on the website – https://www.habc.org/habc-information/about-us/news/transform-poe-plan-submitted-to-hud/ 
  • 600+ units, entirely rental and mixed income
    • Workforce units, subsidized but for higher income level than current Poe Homes residents 
    • At Poe Homes and another property 
    • Acquired old Jehovah’s Witness building where they will begin development first
    • Q. Diana Gies asks if there is a decision made on how tall the buildings be? 
      • A. Not yet; Zoning is scored R8 so possibly 4 story buildings and maybe a little bit higher 
  • Proposals:
    • Hollins Market
    • Revolving funds for home improvements for houses in Poppleton, Franklin Square area
    • To improve food retail in the area 
    • Splash pad at the Greater Model Rec Center which is tied into the renovation of the pool itself. 
      • Ms. Sonia asks whether HUD will also fund the rec center. Brian answers that the proposed improvements were consolidated because 
  • Dotie Page thanks Brian Greenan for connecting Dotie with the right person to maintain the empty lots in Poppleton! 
  • Kevin Gallaher is partnering with Habitat for Humanity Chesapeake to get home ownership counseling for Poppleton 
  • Additional questions email Kevin or Brian:
  • Additional information on HUD proposals:
    • Funded capital projects must embody at least 1 of the following priorities identified by residents and stakeholders of the Poe Homes/Poppleton/Hollins community:
    • 1.Improve safety and security;
    • 2.increase economic opportunity; 
    • 3.provide new recreational facility or interactive open space;
    • 4.provide neighborhood conveniences and commercial amenities;
    • 5.reclaim vacant or blighted property; 
    • 6.be a fresh food initiative.
    • HUD makes the decisions on which proposals get funded;


  • Baltimore Impact Properties on McKinley Streets 
  • BIP understood we were having property issues in acquiring with the comptroller 
  • Comptroller prefers us to buy them all
  • Comptroller is still in power until December 6th so we probably won’t get an agreement from her. 
  • Those who are interested in purchasing 2019 tax sale properties, you should be getting an email in the next day about what those prices are. 
  • Tony suggested to Baltimore Impact Properties to do more thinking on what the process will look at and not just talk about an idea. Tony hopes to have a proposal to consider committee members to discuss further and vote on a decision. 
  • La Site/CenterWest 
  • No updates 




  • Laura Dykes: West Baltimore Charrettes
  • Paulette Carrol : December 14th “Learning to survive COVID-19 through the Holidays” Event 
    • Call for donations: toys and hand sanitizers, masks, 
      • Patricia Williams at OOH can donate 
      • Email Paulette to get address to drop off donations: paulettesnewrerrces2020@gmail.com
  • Habitat Chesapeake for our last Homebuyer Information Session of the year 
    • Leila Kohler-Frueh  
    • This Saturday 10am-12noon: Meet our team, learn where we are building, and take the next steps in preparing yourself for homeownership! Register for this virtual event here https://fb.me/e/37zkT0wIz
  • Home ownership counseling classes in Spanish 
    • November 19th at 6pm-8pm on Zoom 
    • Latino Economic Development Center 
    • Register by calling: 410-982-0873 or texting: 410-417-8163 
  • March for Housing || November 21, 2020, 10:30am at 801 E Fayette Street 
    • Housing Our Neighbors and partners are organizing a mass march for housing justice that will generate a citywide show of support for the right to permanent housing for all. We are demanding no return to congregate shelters, permanent housing now, cancelling the rent, and upholding basic human rights for all during the current global pandemic, and beyond.
  • Rebuilding Together 
    • Mission: Repairing homes, revitalizing communities, rebuilding lives 
    • Due to Lowe’s funding, Rebuild together will do services for free for residents in Southwest Baltimore. Please reach out to Christian Hall 
      • #: 410-889-2710  Ext.3


Adjournment: Nancy makes motion to adjourn and Cecilia seconds. 

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