Lou Packett

Sheila Drummond Camm

Jane Mayrer

Jane Buccheri

Keith Patalka

Hannah Mitchell

Elizabeth Weber

Greg Rowland

Camille Givens Patterson

Isaiah Washington

Welcome and Announcements

Lou and Committee members met with the B&O Railroad Museum on resources they are going to bring the community. They had a STEAM program that was used at Notre Dame Prep, are willing to share it with the schools in the neighborhood.

The Ingenuity project will move to James McHenry Elementary/Middle School

Lou would like to discuss how to make SW Baltimore a STEAM focused location

Lou had a follow up meeting with the ArchDiocese and they would be more than willing to help with connecting other STEAM resources (specifically Verizon). There is also a STEAM program at the SAFE Center

Jane B: James McHenry, George Washington and Catholic Charities are working on the Christmas Basket program

Keith: Heart Market has been implemented at Frederick—fresh produce and perishables are delivered and during the day the students shop for themselves, more than 50% were able to shop, need to account better for time of delivery and the amount of the food.

Sheila: has been working with Strong Schools Maryland on getting the Kirwan Commission recommendations voted into law. Two advocacy efforts that are most important are writing letters of support to the governor and members of the legislature. has details about what the Kirwan Commission reports are. There are different buckets to the Commission’s recommendations: early childhood education, more resources for at risk youth, college and career readiness, resources for highly qualified teachers.

Jane would like there to be a consistent letter that people can send in support—Strong Schools Maryland has a draft letter. Elizabeth will send the Strong Schools letter out to the Education Committee.

Lou is concerned about having school districts manage community schools if the mandate that all schools are community schools goes forward

Jane M: withdrew St Luke’s from the Baltimore Education Coalition, not connected with BEC anymore

Isaiah: works for YearUp, trying to get a consistent present in the community gearing up for January session


Camille: Christmas Store at Community Engagement Center in partnership with Foundry Church

Follow Up From Last Meeting

Singing to the Lions: experiential presentations are not necessarily the best for the Committee, needs to be better screening and interviewing of people giving the presentations, Greg would have liked to see it on a screen with children participating. Hannah: more control over the audience. Lou—important for programs to demonstrate why their program is worth seeing, define what’s unique about the program. Greg: suggested having a sub-committee that meets ahead of time who would be interested

Arch-Diocese: Elizabeth

School Updates

Hannah is doing the needs assessment at Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Kendal is developing a closet with ShareBaby, Keith suggested ShareBaby for parenting students at Vivien T, Hannah will connect Keith with Kendal. Hannah is trying to connect Vivien T to the BioPark

Steuart Hill parent room is together, organizing a parent group, Cub Scouts

Boy Scout Troop meets Monday, working with George Washington, meets at Transfiguration. Jane will connect with Elizabeth around connecting the Boy Scouts to Cub Scouts

Update: Principal’s Dinner with Anchor Institutions

The Committee is going to invite the principals to a meeting with the leadership of each of the neighborhood associations in January or February, will be hosted by Dr Perman at the B&O. Goal is to put faces to needs and resources.

Need Committee members to meet with principals to re-emphasize the invitation and to begin building a relationship.

Jane B will take George Washington/Bridget Wrightson, James McHenry

Hannah will take Southwest Baltimore Charter, Vivien T Thomas, Elizabeth will work with Hannah and Steuart Hill, ask them to hold the dates

Raising Funds for Community Schools:

Sub-Committee needed to work on fundraising plan—need to have a plan around crowdfunding.

Also need people with connections to institutions, individuals, and the private sector.

Will be a standing agenda item

Next Meeting

Elections will be next meeting (January 3rd)

Next meeting will discuss more fully STEAM programming:

          What would we like to see

          What will the B&O be able to provide


What Ifs:

We could convince Lin Manuel Miranda to write a play based on Not in My Neighborhood set in SoWeBo

We had a representative from each school on the Committee

We identified someone from each school that had an interest in being part of the Committee and invited them to the dinner

We asked the principal to identify a representative from each school

Vivien T—could provide young people for childcare at the meeting

We had a representative from each neighborhood at the meeting

We identified teachers in the schools who live in the neighborhoods

We could get a list of graduating seniors who are need of next steps after high school

We incentivized the meetings

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