Commercial Development Meeting

1200 W. Baltimore St.

Meeting Minutes August 25, 2015

Meeting Start Time 7:30 pm


Formation of Sub-Committees – Stacy Smith

Crime and Grime:  Mandate: Find creative way to address issues like that the corner groups of young males scaring the customer and the local business owners and help those corner groups with potential assistance on how to go to work.  Jonathan mentioned that David Krout is planning to put together an adult school. Lisa’s work group is address education and school to work program and it could be of interest to her committee and should meet. See SWP newsletter and weekly updates for the list of the committees and their meeting dates and location.

The committee discussed the Western boundaries of the Southwest Partnership.    Crossing the line and blurring boundaries was discussed and agreed upon.

The committee discussed the viability of having such committee with Commercial Development and the Safe, Vibrant and Walkable Streets.  This sub-committee focus is all commercial communities only over the 7 neighborhoods. Chris Redwood (Chair of the Safe, Vibrant, and Walkable Streets Committee) and Dan Rodenburg will chair the sub-committee.

Resource/Development: Mandate: What and how to give back to the community and see what developers can do for the community.  Also this sub-committee should focus on how to raise resources to help what exists already. John Renner and Jonathan Bradley will chair the sub-committee.

Code Enforcement:  Mandate: Work with people and help to find resources to bring establishment up to code to get permits etc.  Then if all effort fails explain the consequences of not adhering to the codes and what the penalties will be and finally enforcing the code and urging the city to send fines letter.  Ben Garza is covering the Southwest Partnership territory and is here from the city to insure the codes are met. This subcommittee will need to form the rules and information, mission, and goal statement.  Ben Garza should be consulted for all rules and codes and various other financial assistance that can be provided to help move a property up to the code. Ben Garza also has documentation on the fine table.

The committee discussed asking for property owner to be issued and provide their ID.  This proposal needs to be made at the city level. The SWP Exec Director could be ask to help with this item.  Darren Williams will chair the sub-committee


Update from TechShop

Good discussion and meetings with Ashley to integrate community youth.  The goal is to build business idea, develop creativity and offer the use of interesting tools.  The area of focus is to develop Robotics IT and other qualification. Dan Woods discussed how he developed some groups in Chicago and how to look at population to insure that it is age appropriate.  A bridge needs to be built with younger kids. Stacy suggested looking at the STEM program and finding how to develop engineering skills and building from young kids’ age. Stacy suggested finding partners to help bridge the gap to the time when they are old enough to be able to attend Techshop.


Updates:  Stacy Smith

Meeting with Churches

Issues were the same as all other groups and that is where do I fit in?  The churches feel now that they are engaged in a planning process. Stacy had to start from ground 0 for Baltimore Street.  The goal is that now all should stay at the table. Rose of Sharon pastor spoke on how she developed the neighborhood. She comes with knowledge on how to do it.  The question is can it be done as many cities did. The answer is a resounding yes

Vision Plan and party

Plan is being reviewed in September 17 by the city.  City zoning plan is on line in the planning section.

Party in Carroll Park on September 26th.  Additional details to be provided in the Southwest Partnership weekly updates and newsletter

Meet and Greet

Stacy would like to start meet and greet sessions at various location in the SWP areas like Shakers Fine Spririt, Mi Ranchito, B&O, Bon Secour community work on Fulton.  

Shaker Fine Spirit 737 Carrol Street should be the first one.   Time and date TBD in October. Funding is needed and the SWP will be approached to help with funding or funding suggestions


New Business

Arch is covered with plywood and making the neighborhood uglier.  Is this an issue that the Commercial Development committee can address?  What about using CHAP pressure from the community. Stacy suggested the crime and grime subcommittee start speaking with Pete Welsch to help with the property owned by Cecil Clark.


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