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Baltimore Greenspace: Greenspace Presentation

Patrick FIlbert from Baltimore Greenspace shared a presentation on the work that they do. They preserve community managed green spaces in perpetuity for the community (currently 19 sites with 4 more in the pipeline)


Don’t fix up the sites themselves–the community does. After 5 years of community management the greenspace can be protected in perpetuity through Baltimore Greenspace


To be eligible for preservation a site needs to be:

–preserved for 5 years or more

–site manager and assistant site manager

–community partner

–true community use

–sustainable volunteers


If a site is protected receive basic liability insurance, technical assistance, part of a city-wide network, no development can happen on the site


Preservation process generally takes 1-2 years, all partners sign a long term agreement


Can be pursued on privately owned property–if the property owner is paying their taxes they can donate the land, and next year will have funding available to purchase privately owned land for greenspace preservation. If they aren’t paying their taxes/have liens on the site can go through the city to preserve it.


How to find out who owns property? (Buy into Baltimore), Baltimore Code Map:


Committee members discussed various projects in the community including addressing rats, getting permission, writing grants, and a shared water truck. 


BRNI Projects

  • Franklin Square Comfort Station
  • Spruce Up Grant application
  • Potentially Traci Atkins Park
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