Laura Dykes
Kimberly Sheridan
Amanda Talbot
David Pope
Meghan Cardoso
Carrie Baniszewski

New Business:

  • New Communications Manager, Dave Pope- 
    • Introduction: short term goal to reevaluate newsletter, please fill out survey; receive feedback re: story telling; 
  • BRNI 2024 Grant Applications- due capital funding (bldg, place making, rehab, ; $100-200k for 2 year cycle) for 2024 due june 29th, funds begin Jan 1st next year; Bruce St stabilization phase 2 + _____; not applying for Bruce street stables at this time; discussing with amanda from SLYC(only historic preservation in mind for SWP) as main grant, request for core funds on Baltimore St (historic reservation aspect to commercial request)
    • No comment from attendees
    • Laura- no comment
    • Kimberly-  no comment
    • Carrie- 


  • Kimberly’s Research Trip
    • Dorchester County research trip
      • Malakai Mills family research
  • Last month’s meeting with Code Enforcement
  • Other
    • Laura Dykes – Does CHAP recognize that Union Square does not represent Hollins Roundhouse neighborhood buildings. Carrie will F/U with Eric; request an understanding in writing
    • Amanda Talbot- SLYC is on the budget from Gov. Moore, funding raised up to $1million
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