JR Lee

Howard Hughes

Laura Dykes

Roger Wood

Elizabeth Weber

Thomas Hams

Dotie Page

Monica Cooper (State’s Attorney’s Office)

David McGill

Brian Greenan

Police Updates


Project and Program Updates


W Baltimore St Public Safety Grant: SWP received a safety grant from the state of Maryland for public safety improvements. We are still waiting for a grant agreement from the state, but the grant will fund cameras, securing vacant property, and the clean and green team along W Baltimore St.


Alley gates: working on some gates–Thomas is currently painting some gates. Have used the winter to get things ready to install, now that the weather is improved will begin installing. Have just finished a gate on the 1300 block of Booth St, then finish the gating at the Lord Baltimore Theater, then behind 1138 Hollins St. Also want to gate a vacant lot along W Baltimore St.


Public Safety Roundtable

State’s Attorney’s Office: 2015-2020 reports from JHU on prosecutions

State’s Attorney’s Office also has new victim support partnerships

Have a facility where folks who could be arrested for low level offenses that folks can stay for four days, get connected to services. These folks can still be arrested, but they will be released on their own recognizance. 


Howard asked how the community can have an impact on sentencing. The Committee discussed the different roles of the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Police Department, and Parole and Probation.


Ms Dotie suggested that Mo attend a housing meeting. The Committee discussed the root causes of crime, JR suggested re-starting a previous bootcamp program. 


Monica Cooper:


Monica Cooper Southwest District Community Liaison States Attorney (410) 929-4353


Brian Greenan: fencing has gone up around 901 W Mulberry st. Demolition crew is being mobilized, have approval to demolish the building. Still funding for home repairs


JR wants to do something for teacher’s appreciation week, asked if Howard needs any help with the circle park 

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