Robin Pettiford (Humanium)

Samantha Myrick (Per Scholas)

Althea Saunders Ranier (Bon Secours Community Works)

Kindra Barnes (Bon Secours Community Works)

Merceditas Smith (Bon Secours)

Ryan McGonigal (10:12 Sports)

Regina Merritt (Lifebridge)

Mira Appleby (Lifebridge)

Ellen Levy (Paul’s Place)

Michael Franklin (UMMC)

Kristen Sheppy (Habitat for Humanity)

Joanne Nathans (JOTF)

Tijuana Dixon (NPower)

Greg Hunt (MOED)

Lisa Rawlings (UMB)

John Vontran (DLLR)

Ron Modesty (Capital Idea)

Jon Law (ABC)

Angela Jones (Lifebridge)

Sherman Davis (Futech)

Adenike Akintilo (BCPSS)

Darry Lee

Apprenticeship Training Maryland Department of Labor

What is the benefit to employers for doing an apprenticeship program? Helps with retention, and able to support a new or incumbent employee as an apprentice helps retain employment when invested in the employee. 91% retention if an employee is participating in a registered apprenticeship program. There are also grant opportunities, funding through the state, and tax credits.


Not every occupation is apprenticeable, willing to stretch the box and help anyone who they can to understand the program. 


How do employers get reimbursed for having apprentices? There’s a program for incumbent employees that will cover costs for training. 2-3 page application 


No tax credits are available for apprenticeship at this time


What kind of criteria is there of programs that could be apprenticeship?

First identify sponsor or administrator of program

Have to have curriculum identified that will have to be able to have on job training

Progression wage schedule – identify journey worker rate (rate received after graduation) and the wage scale that they would receive in each increment. Apprentice is guaranteed to get bump in pay regardless of business’s success

Ratio of apprentices to journey workers (1:1)


Pay could come from sponsor or employer–employer who brings on the apprentice promises to make those increases in pay. 


Futech interested in seeing how they can incorporate the apprenticeship model into their work as an employer–John will send over the information


Don’t have to be an employer to be a sponsor–sponsor would then work with the employer to hire community members or trainees as apprentices. 


Asked about youth apprenticeships–we will discuss it more next month but there are options that the state has to get young people connected. 


John’s information:

John F. Vontran

Program Manager Apprenticeship and Training 

Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning

Maryland Department of Labor

1100 N. Eutaw Street Room 209

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

410-333-5162 (fax)


Capital Idea

Based in Austin TX, a program with a significant degree of collaboration between community colleges, community partners/workforce development, and employers. City/county funded non-profit that sponsors working with low income individuals at community colleges. Currently sponsoring 1000 students. Almost all of the students are attending Austin Community College. They are attached to a career navigator (100 students per navigator). It is the career navigator’s responsibility to make sure the student progresses through the community college system in a timely manner. Realized that they could accomplish so much more by working with partners. Capital Idea is the only partner in the city working on two year associate degree programs. Have been fortunate to develop relationships with partners and providers. For example, the career navigators are physical housed at the community college. 


Have two large healthcare networks in the city–relationship with the employers has been the driving force in what they do. ‘


In the last two semesters at school work with students on resumes, interview skills, job search strategies. 


Individuals can join the program at a 5th grade reading level–begin them with an academic bootcamp, get them to a level where they can do college level work and they are assigned to a career navigator. Career Navigator’s provide support with utilities, part time work, etc–partner with other organizations to meet needs. Community college is replicating some of the services for all the students. Success of relationships depends on always having someone they can directly reach out to. 


Age range of students? 18 and above. Average age is 31–work primarily with folks who have been working. 


Ron Modesty

Sr. Employer Coordinator

Capital IDEA 

Office: 512.485.9345

Cell: 512.413.4189 


Project Quest–came about when Levis decided to move factory to Mexico from San Antonio, leaving the city needing to retrain garment workers. The original program that Capital Ideas was based on. There are similar projects across Texas. 


Ron will send out a report on the program to the group. Sit on advisory committees to advocate for students. 



UMMC: hosting a free PCT training, running from May-September. Is for SWP area residents–21230, 21223, 21201 within the boundaries (MLK-Monroe, RT 40-industrial area). Need a CNA, 1 year healthcare experience, active healthcare provider CPR. There are still spots available to begin in May. Please send candidates to Rachel and Michael. 


Per Scholas: having a virtual career fair on Wednesday May 26th–currently recruiting employer partners.  Contact Samantha for more information:


West Baltimore Renaissance Foundation: still taking proposals for grants for serving W. Baltimore residents.


Path Program: has enrolled first couple of community members, looking for more applicants–will be attending more community events to recruit participants


Bon Secours Community Works/SWP: expanded case management–position is still looking to be filled, but Kindra Barnes will be filling in while the position is being filled. Will be leading the program for SWP residents who need case management support while engaged in workforce development programs. 


Bon Secours: still hiring for more early Head Start teachers, sign up for fresh produce delivery has begun. BCPS has two pathways for City schools students who might be a good fit for the role. 


MOED: still working with residents remotely–working with employers such as Harbor Hospital. Recently launched a financial empowerment team


Humanium admin cohort starting Monday, will have a training in Harford County starting in July. 


10:12 Sports–had a financial literacy class that was very successful. 


Outcast Food Network: do a food giveaway at 2620 Quantico Ave 21215, also beginning a program called Reign. 


SWP: new link for all referrals to anchor institution program–Rachel will send to the group. 


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