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Follow Up from Last Month

Fundraising Committee update: Family League will provide access to their training for non-Family League coordinators and there will also be the possibility to apply for a status as a community school that may possibly have some funding attached. May also be funding available through Baltimore’s Promise

Meeting with T Rowe Price Foundation who are very interested in funding community schools to make a request to contribute towards the costs of a community school

Received Title 1 money to do community school planning work at Southwest Baltimore Charter School

Ivan suggested that the SWP participate in workplace fundraising giving

Kirwan Commission Update: State Senate has passed the Kirwan Policy Recommendation (Education Blueprint for Maryland’s Future)—need to reconcile House and Senate Bills.

The Bill will provide for site coordinators at every school, could be money given to each school district but how the money will be allocated has not been determined. Expect site coordinators to have a needs assessment done by July 1 2020. Needs Assessment details are spelled out in the bill. Also looking at having a health professional at every school. Also looking at additional mental health providers. There will be grants given to each jurisdiction based on rates of high concentrations of poverty.

Community Events and Marketing (Curtis Eaddy): SWP was awarded a $30,000 grant for outreach in the 20/20 Census Campaign.  Will be awarded money July 1st, and will plan from July-August. Will be providing stipends for community members to do outreach also have funding for events at the schools.

Two upcoming SWP events: SWP Workforce Development Resource Fair May 4th 6pm-12am. Especially need volunteers to do break-down

SWP Clean Block Competition will be held in May, winning block will win a block party over the summer.  May 6th-June 7th, May 3rd will be an information session at the office. Winner will be announced June 29th at the Southwest Palooza

Final Reports from Social Work Interns

Provided summary from social work interns at Vivien T Thomas and Steuart Hill. Vivien T Thomas is in need of more robust extracurricular activities as well as more in depth community engagement. Steuart Hill is in need of a consistent school-wide positive and restorative response to behavior concerns.

Southwest Baltimore Charter School: Hannah performed the Southwest Baltimore Charter Needs Assessment  and found the following take-a-aways: key assets were Crew (opportunity for students and teachers to build restorative relationships and also to know the families), also Restorative Behavioral Team, key health and mental health providers, outdoor trips/expeditionary learning. Challenges: after school programs and extracurricular activities, more STEM activities, more arts, more programming for younger students, more academic support for younger students, need for more parent engagement, teachers weren’t sure how to refer students to needed services, need more services around college-career services for students

Race and Racism Discussion

Next planned discussion will be around either health or employment depending on which panelists can be arranged, anyone who is interested in planning the events should talk to Lou to form the sub-committee. Alicia volunteered, Sheila volunteered, Camille may be interested

New Business

Ivan: connection to Focus For our Future provide scholarships for kids 8-14 to go to sleep away camp (kids have to be doing well in school families can’t make over $60,000 a year)

What If: the SWP organized a community-wide hands on career fair

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