Bill Freeman Carrie Baniszewski Laura Dykes Tonny Wambugu Thomas Hams Nicole Orr Nikky Davis Sonia Eaddy Valerie Crosby Ashley Watson Curtis Eaddy II Scott Kashnow Paulette Carroll Zarva Taru Shirley Marc Debra Kemelek Angel Dickson Rason Taru

The Committee meeting was anchored by the Committee Chair Laura Dykes

 Approval of April Minutes 

Valerie makes a motion to approve the minutes, Bill seconds, motion passes

Brainstorming ways to rebuild trust between SWP and minority business/property owners

  • Ashley; over two months plan was to create taskforce of business and property owners 
  • Ashley; This issue of trust building needs to be discussed wholistically
  • had 12 conversations with business owners/residents/committee members
  • Findings
    • Lack of trust in the community
    • fear of retaliation
    • going to be difficult to rebuild relationships and trust 
    • Need to identify alternatives to create taskforce first
    • Other participants made their views known on what they think the key issues are that brought about this issue of Lack of Trust in the first place. The participants that made their voices heard included Ashley, Nicole, Rason, Sonia, Paulette, Zarva.
    • Zarva suggested that the people with complaints should first reach out to CPBO and she provided her contact details below.
    • Zarva Taru, CPBO Recording Secretary, 4434186772,
    • Scott also suggested that both SWP and CPBO to be the first point of call by the complainants and that they should be the contact point prior to calling the city’s 311.
    • Carrie suggested the “Be Good Neighbors Pledge” that all the parties involved should commit to this basic pledge to be good neighbors to each other and one another. Also suggested that the people with complaints should call SWP first instead of calling the city.
    • Curtis provided information about the Code Enforcement Training and that it’s available for all the parties responsible to make use of as well.
    • There was a continuous back and forth squabble that ensued between the Union Square Association President and Rason and this continued on and off during the meeting.
    •  Nicole also interjected during this time period and made her own feelings known by providing her own side of the story.
    • Sonia also mentioned the fact that there was deep historical conflict and that “We are going to speak our truth”
    • Paulette, president of Poppleton Now also made her own contributions with regards to this issue.
    • Scott was brought into this conversation and he made his own points and feelings known too. He also said that he apologizes if he has in any way contributed to this problem and that it was not his intention to do so.
    • Bob also made a few comments on the importance of conflict resolution and mediation and suggested that a professional in this area be brought into the picture as well.

SOWEBO Fest/Annual Meeting 

Valerie volunteered for SOWEBO festival to help out in SWP activities during the festival.

Old Business

  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda
  • CIP Competition Update – Carrie provided updates and that everything is under contract
  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Curtis provided updates and that the new banners have been installed. Curtis also provided updates on the clean and green program operations. Provided updates on the training and workforce development efforts. That they are moving into their second year and that they are also soliciting for membership.
  • Mainstreet update – Curtis provided updates on the corridor stripe and crosswalk. Meeting.
  • Meeting working with DOT on corridor intersections
  • DPW vacuum request
  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie provided updates and that the Facade Funds have all been committed.

New Business

Sonia moved a motion to adjourn the meeting and Laura seconded the motion.

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