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Approval of January Minutes 

Valerie Crosby made a motion to approve the minutes, Ashley seconded

2022 Goal Discussion 

2022 Project Discussion

  • Retail Study – Funding Received 
    • Engagement strategy
    • Questions for stakeholders
  • Business Directory – break up task into 1. gather data, 2. compile list
  • Leasable Retail Space Directory (Example)
  • SOWEBO Festival
    • Leasable Retail Space Vendor Tours
    • Lord Baltimore Stage(Historic Preservation)-Fashion Showcase
  • Developer Meet and Greet

Lifebridge Application – to join SWP


  • Funding for 2022/2023 

Old Business

  • CIP Competition Update – Carrie
  • West Baltimore Street Updates – Curtis
  • Mainstreet update – Curtis
  • Facade subcommittee update – Carrie
  • Pigtown Mainstreet Updates – Frieda

New Business

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