Workforce Development Action Fund

As a result of a generous contribution from the Lowe’s Foundation, the Southwest Partnership will be able to offer grants to workforce development programs working with area residents over the next three years. These grants are intended to increase access to workforce development resources and programs for area residents–especially those programs which help residents stay […]

Facade Program

Facade Program Application

Homes for Sale

Preparing for Homeownership If you are a renter interested in learning more about homeownership please check out these resources: Referral Program: SWP has a referral program with Neighborhood Housing Services, who can help you find a home and then refer you back to SWP for homeownership opportunities. NHS provides financial and housing counseling that starts […]

Best Block in the West: Clean Block Competition

Trash on the streets–whether through illegal dumping, litter, or just general wind-borne mess–negatively impacts residents’ and visitors’ mental health and impression of their neighborhoods. Trash is often identified as a major community problem–and at the same time there are individual community members and blocks who work hard to beautify and clean the streets and public […]

Neighborhood Grants

Clean, vibrant, beautiful streets and public spaces are central to a community that people want to live in. Research shows that living near blight and uncared for public spaces negatively impacts mental health while public art, community gardens, and other projects that make our neighborhood streets and public spaces safer, more accessible, and more beautiful […]

Southwest Works

Southwest Works is the Southwest Partnership’s workforce development program: connecting area residents to quality local jobs. Improving access to employment opportunities–especially at area anchor institutions who offer stable employment, benefits, and advancement opportunities–is a major goal of the Vision Plan. Southwest Works meets community members where they are by providing individualized assessment and employment support […]

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