The Housing Committee works to reduce the number and effect of vacant homes in the Southwest Partnership area and attract new residents while ensuring that current residents can remain in the area in safe, quality, affordable housing.


Goals achieved:

  • Developers and funding have been identified to rehab approximately 42 vacant houses in Franklin Square and Mount Clare
  • Clusters of vacant homes have been identified for development in Pigtown.
  • A Residents’ Handbook was developed and distributed.
  • Provided programming that educates residents on CHAP regulations, of changing laws concerning housing and provides support for tenant and landlord conflicts.
  • Helped senior citizens in the 7 communities by forming a new subcommittee, “Aging in Place,” which has begun generating programming to provide necessary practical support to be safe and feel supported

  Goals for the future:

  • Provide education as needs, opportunities and changing laws require
  • Investigate trends for ways to develop in green, sustainable ways
  • Develop more robust, ongoing evaluation of how efforts have succeeded and track progress
  • Increase homeownership rates by helping developers find parcels to develop and  support those seeking homeownership 
  • Find ways to support renters and landlords
  • Advocate for the establishment of a HUBS site (Housing Upgrades for Seniors)

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