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Community School Updates

Kenah: Health Fair on April 27th at VTTMAA–looking for vendors–could be people in the community, but do prefer health organizations–please share to those who might be interested in being a vendor. Also having a mobile vaccine clinic.


Just received 400 scrub donations from Hopkins, UMMC also donated scrubs,always looking for scrub donations. A lot of after school activities. Open to hosting organizations and others looking for meeting space.


Brenda: received grant from South Baltimore Gateway Partnership to repair the playground, held wellness lunch today for teachers. April School Family Council meeting upcoming (usually 3rd Thursday, April will be 4th Thursday), going to hold GED and ESOL classes at Clay Pots in the fall. Last week of Food Playground, trying to restart CCB spring festival–will be in June. Focusing on quality events and programming over quantity, also finishing up fundraisers 


BRNI/CORE Projects

Elizabeth shared an overview of the BRNI/CORE grant program.

USA would like to apply for an assessment for the Steuart Hill building and site for development if necessary


Committee voted to support any potential application for Pigtown Climbs as well as predevelopment for SHAA Site


Program Updates

Youth Internship: Interns have picked their Committees, interns would like to plan a block party, and are looking for resources to meet community needs. Latrell shared what he is learning in the program as well as what he is most excited about. 


Mental Health: Reaching out to various large partners to support mental health needs when they are identified by school staff.


Packett Fund for Schools: will begin actively fundraising for this in May with a big roll out–encourage folks who are interested in supporting schools in the area to donate to the fund


Steuart Hill: submitted an appeal on behalf of parents. Not clear what the timeline for next steps will be. Abigail shared about the history of Samuel F B Morse closing to combine school communities with Frederick. Thinking about asking for folks to speak at the next State Board of Education meeting–if you’re interested let Abigail know. The meetings happen at 9am, and can’t do public comment on an appeal before the Board. 


HB 0406

Abigail shared about HB0406 and ways that committee members could support it if they are in favor. 


This bill establishes new restrictions and procedures regarding children in out-of-home placements who are placed in a medical facility. Among other things, the bill requires the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) or the Department of Human Services (DHS) to ensure the least restrictive placement for any child for whom there is not a medical determination that the child requires hospitalization, admission, or treatment. It also creates a Foster Children Support Fund and the Task Force to Examine the Placement of Foster Children in Emergency Departments. The task force provisions take effect June 1, 2022, and terminate June 30, 2023. 



Abigail shared that the Committee minutes are posted on the SWP website. 


Going to be a screening this Saturday at 3pm

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