Kevin Gallaher

Howard Hughes

Roger Wood

Elizabeth Weber

David McGill

Scott Kashnow

Laura Dykes

JR Lee

Brian Greenan

Randy Wells

Police Updates

No one was in attendance from the police department


Stopping Violence Experienced by Teenager

JR is concerned about the rise of teen violence and wants to find productive activities for them to do. He believes in Rec Centers and wants to see more activities for young people in the area.


Howard–soccer for 8-14 year olds in Carroll Park

SWP and the Sowebo Sports and Fitness Alliance are working on reopening the Poppleton Rec Center, there is also funding to Carroll Park to reopen the Carroll Park Rec Center


The UMB Community Engagement Center also has programming for young people, as well as a PAL program


The Model Park pool is scheduled to be open in summer 2023, as will the splash pad although the plan is for the indoor pool at Vivien T to be open next summer


JR would like to fix up the Model Park greenspace


David–asked what the statistics are for young people being involved in violence in the area? Thinks that individual relationships help more than singular projects. David would like to produce a guide to how to talk to young people in your neighborhood


Scott–there is a need for both immediate violence interrupters as well as longer term strategy. Suggested meeting with the Safe Streets group in Franklin Square, also suggested working with people who have relationships with young people and existing programs. Also there is a need for increased community organizing capacity


Laura: there is also overlap with the Education Committee


JR wants to know how to get out there and engage children and families. Elizabeth can reach out to the Safe Streets Program as well as potentially other partners working in the City who could be resources.


Project Updates

Gates are being installed–JR is setting the posts


Bike Rodeo–tentative scheduled for April 2nd at the BioPark parking lot (873 W Baltimore St). Scott will connect the Carroll Park bike planning group with the Bike Rodeo group


Public Safety Roundtable

Committee discussed the under bridge lighting project, proposed DOT flex posts on Carey St


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