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Police Updates (Office Wilson)

In area: one aggravated assault reported, 3 burglaries, 3 larcenies from autos (6 larcenies total)

District wide crime is down 25-30%, except for violence. Homicides and non-fatal shootings (up 12 and 30% respectively). Doesn’t directly impact SWP area directly.

Trying to bring down violence–increased policing at hot spots.

There will also be an influx of dirt bikes. There is a plan in place to deal with them–with the current laws and policies cannot pursue dirt bikes in traffic in patrol vehicles (for safety reasons). Will follow via Foxtrot (helicopter) looking for storage areas–once identified fire department will remove them for a fire violation.

Richard: asked if bikes can be seized? Yes, if the police can get to them

There is a package thief–working with the State’s Attorney Office to get him off the street. If someone steals a package don’t hesitate to file a report. If you have physical evidence (camera etc) call and have an officer respond. Makes things easier when there is footage. 

Patrice: did there used to be a dirt bike race track? Feels like the dirt bike riders need someplace to go?

JR: asked if there was a law that gas stations couldn’t sell to dirt bikes? Has seen dirt bikes to fill up with gas at gas stations. Illegal to fill up if a dirtbike is ridden in. Will fine the gas station if they are caught. However, this hasn’t always been enforced in the City. 

Committee discussed dirt bike enforcement. 

Patty: who has oversight over all the fires that have been happening in the area? Who controls finding out how the fires were set? Depends on the incident–if fatal, homicide and arson will work together, if determined that it was arson, arson unit will work it. If it isn’t determined to be arson the fire department will handle the investigation. Arson team is part of BPD. Patty asked if the fires in the area lately were arsons–haven’t been deemed as arsons by the fire department. 

No shoot zone painting–should have permission from property owner. 

David: asked about crime at Hollins and Carey–data doesn’t report on that level of detail.

Committee asked about increased activity at Schroder and Lombard (drug activity)–there have been a lot of new faces–can call if witnessing a hand-to-hand drug sale? Encourage to call 311 or 911 to report an incident. Can always have an officer call you if you have ring camera footage or a photo. If there’s a high rate of drug activity try to get in the area to disrupt the activity as much as possible. State’s Attorney will prosecute dealers but not the user/or for possession

Jane: how do you determine the difference between possession and dealing? Depends on what you can prove–can’t just have drugs on them. Committee discussed the difference between possession and selling.

Meghan: there’s two abandoned/crashed cards in the neighborhood–who does the neighborhood call to deal with it? Call DPW/report via 311

Project Updates

  1. Alley gates–alley gate program continuing, gates are being installed. Had successful site visit with the State on Tuesday looking at gate installation progress. Elizabeth reviewed the alley gating process. We have to follow the City’s alley gating process. Thomas suggested calling John Bullock to ask about reclassifying Lemmon St as an alley. 
  2. Cameras–working with the camera vendor on a tech solution that will allow the cameras to be connected to the internet without using anyone’s wifi/internet access. Committee is concerned about the SWP being responsible for maintaining the cameras after the grant period is over. Elizabeth will reach back out once we have the technical details to send over and say that the Committee only wants to pursue it if the Abell Foundation can guarantee that they will fund the maintenance costs once the initial grant period is over.
  3. Bike rodeo–No updates

Public Safety Roundtable: 1 minute to share a current event in the neighborhood.

Patty: more and more uncomfortable talking past Carey and Hollins St–something really needs to happen there

Howard: should be a permanent trash can at the Circle Park to increase cleanliness. Elizabeth will follow up with Howard on that

Laura: have seen increased activity at Schroeder and Lombard. 

Bif: have to find a way to make sure that Housing, DPW, and the police are doing better at preventing the fires that are happening in the neighborhoods. Having a major impact on our neighborhoods and people are dying. 

Melvin: neighbors between Lombard and Boyd St–bringing up concern about activities happening on Mount Clare St–is there community patrolling in the area

Would love to do the Roundtable at every meeting

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