Richard Parker

Diana Geis

Chris Firehock


Scott Kashnow

NaToya Mitchell

Shannon Hightower

Tisha Guthrie

Amanda Talbot

Bill Marker

Dianne B


Ms Ikia Holmes


Erica Sullivan

Roger Wood

Francine Walker

Jacquline Proctor

Mildred Newman

Laura Dykes

Loraine Arikat

Cecilia Gonzalez

Sonia Eaddy

Elizabeth Weber



Donnell Nance



Rachel Goodrich

GorDon Baker

Ms Pat

Paulette Carroll 

Workforce RFP

The Committee discussed the RFP, potential eligible project ideas, information sessions.

Committee approved the RFP with some minor grammar edits and consistency in naming



Committee advocates for legislation that will advance the goals of the committee. Some of the legislation that advances the Committees goals  include the Give Me A Chance Act (not requiring a four year degree if its not needed), legislation to advance workforce development and training programs in opportunity zones, and fund the Time to Care Act so that the state will fund a portion of the pay during the time on leave. 



Diana shared about the Restore Baltimore workforce development program

GED classes at the community engagement center will start in September with South Baltimore Learning Center


1190 SIEU is advocating for some issues–Loraine will bring to the group

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