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Community School Update

The RFP for new community school lead agencies has been released. The SWP is preparing our response to the proposal which is due September 19th. Currently Steuart Hill, George Washington, Charles Carroll Barrister, Vivien T Thomas, and potentially the Excel Academy are interested in having the SWP as a lead agency. Franklin Square is going with Bon Secours as their lead agency and Southwest Baltimore Charter School is going with Elev8 as their lead agency.

Committee’s Role Moving Forward

Committee needs to determine what is role will be in moving forward once the community school strategy is implemented.

Possible roles could be:

  •       Fundraising for different programs at area schools
  •       Advisory board for the community school strategy
  •       Advocating for continued state funding
  •       Advocating for other needs
  •       Fundraising for ongoing community school strategy
  •       Coordinate partnership development and encourage authentic collaboration with current partners and new partners as they come in
  •       Provide orientation to SWP community for schools and staff and partners
  •       Provide connection to neighborhood associations and neighborhood  and advocate and do engagement around schools
  •       Convener of lead agencies and partners (could take on the advisory role here—important to be clear about role of Committee vs role in programming)
  •       Legwork to identify resources and services that will meet the needs of the community school plans for multiple school


Workforce Development Resource Fair

October 12th Mount Clare Shopping Center 4-8

Franklin Square Parent Meeting Friday at 8:30am in the cafeteria

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