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Finalized Talking Points: Sheila presented the finalized talking points for the community school initiative. Committee can send ideas and feedback to Sheila. Sheila encouraged committee members to emphasize relationships when talking about  community schools, as well as that this is a transformation in how schools are orientated, and that community schools are about students, faculty, and staff have the resources they need to succeed. Should emphasize that community schools differ from school to school with some commonalities (site coordinator, needs assessment, plan) and that schools constantly assess what happens and make adjustments.

Lou: wants everyone to remember that there are six anchor institutions that are part of the SWP that have tremendous resources and that the SWP is a strong advocate for the anchor partners to work together, also emphasize that we really want to bring neighborhoods into the schools and that schools can make a positive impact on communities

Fundraising Committee Update

Elizabeth gave the fund development update—the committee has met twice and there are two separate types of funding: larger philanthropic and community funding. Are currently in the information gathering stages. Southwest Baltimore Charter School is exploring Title 1 funding for a more robust community school planning effort

Quincy: can we use UMB’s philanthropic office for help in fundraising? Can always ask

Abigail: should make the ask that funding community schools coherently is in the University of Maryland’s best interest?

Bon Secours: Met with Kaiser Permanente, Bon Secours Community Works, and Enterprise Foundation to discuss their work with the FutureBaltimore Partnership. They have been focusing on building relationships with six schools: Steuart Hill, Franklin Square, Vivien T Thomas (in our area) and Lockerman Bundy, Mary Ann Winterling, and Frederick (not in our area). The principals have put together a list of recommendations and they are looking to hire staff to support the program. There are still some questions about the level of commitment and interest in community schools, which we will be working to clarify.

Program Presentations

There have been some questions about having presentations from outside partners—what’s the best way to do that so they are helpful for the community.

Schedule: There will be specific months for presentations

Lou would like to do it quarterly, would like to start in March and kick it off with people who are already in the neighborhood and have programs (Van Brooks, SAFE Center, Arthur Kirk , SLYC, Boys and Girls Club)

The Committee discussed whether presentations to this Committee were the most effective way of finding out what resources are in the community that could be expanded

Nisha: is working with the SWP on identifying programs and resources that are in the community (and city-wide) that have the potential to expand

Greg: could be a way for people in the community to learn how they can get involved in the schools

Nisha and Elizabeth will come back with what they are working on in three months

Upcoming Month

Principal’s Dinner: all principals have RSVPS except for David Wunder at Charles Carroll Barrister

Want to discuss anchor institutions collaboration, demonstrate the anchor commitment to the SWP area, and encourage principals to collaborate with each other

B&O meetings: would like to facilitate a meeting with the Archdiocese of Maryland and the B&O around their STEM programming. Will meet the B&O first to learn what they are doing, and then hopefully will meet with the B&O and Archdiocese

New Business and Announcements

The B&O Museum has a special program for Black History Month on the impact of the African American community on the railroad. They are encouraging schools to take advantage of it.

Union Square is planning on holding quarterly events with Steuart Hill—Donnell Nance is the education chair on the Union Square Board.

Franklin Square: upcoming Dads and Doughnuts, and having parent group elections


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