Grant awarded to the Mount Clare Community Council and mural by Arts and Parks

Clean, vibrant, beautiful streets and public spaces are central to a community that people want to live in. Research shows that living near blight and uncared for public spaces negatively impacts mental health while public art, community gardens, and other projects that make our neighborhood streets and public spaces safer, more accessible, and more beautiful benefit the whole community. The Vision Plan identifies a number of projects which increase the vibrancy of streets and public spaces and increase positive programming and activities in our public spaces. Some of these projects have been funded through our Neighborhood Grants program!

Through grant funding, the Southwest Partnership is able to provide grants, usually up to $5,000 to community members for capital projects that 

  • Increase the vibrancy of streets and public spaces
  • Improve the quality of life for current residents
  • Reduce or prevent blight
  • Increase and encourage community engagement and use of public spaces

Past projects funded have included murals and other public art, improved lighting in public spaces, neighborhood signs, and improvements at community parks and gardens. Neighborhood associations, block groups, and other community groups in the Southwest Partnership area are eligible to apply, and the grant program funds capital projects that will make a lasting, physical change to the neighborhoods.

Fall 2021 Grants are now open!

The program provides grants up to $5,000 for capital projects in the seven Southwest Partnership neighborhoods.

Applications, and all required application materials are due via email to by 11:59pm on November 5 2021

For more information please contact Elizabeth Weber at or 667-281-9082

Application Materials

Application Guidelines:

To edit the application and required materials download and save to your computer.


Budget (required):

Maintenance Plan (required):

Timeline (required):

Site control for projects on private property:

For inspiration take a look at the projects below and our master list of funded projects!

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  1. KEITH McNichols

    Hello Thanks for the outstanding work that your doing in the community.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Keith McNichols, Owner

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