The Southwest Partnership is dedicated to Fighting Blight throughout our neighborhoods. Goals 3 & 4 of our Vision Plan are to Improve the Built and Natural Environment and to Retain and Attract Businesses, respectively. To this end, we seek to decrease the number of vacant residential and commercial properties by connecting residents, businesses, and developers with the information, tools, and resources they need to improve the physical environment. 

This page seeks to provide you with a summary of information on these tools and resources depending on your needs as a resident, small business, or developer. These pages are meant to be a dynamic, evolving resource for anyone wanting to help develop the built environment of the Southwest Partnership neighborhoods, and we welcome additions and edits.

Please note: We do not claim these lists to be comprehensive and they do not constitute a recommendation.

Any questions or support you need in connecting with any of these institutions or programs, or corrections in or concerns with the information presented please reach out to us at (667)-210-2105, leave a comment directly in the documents, or email us at

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